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100mg Mel2 (10 Vials)

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Perfect for resellers and regular users 10 vials of Melanotan 2 will keep you Tan topped up all year.

With this item you receive:

10 x 10mg vials of Melanotan 2 (vials are unmixed)

You can buy everything else you need in the Pins, Wipes and Water section.

Please note: By purchasing from usĀ  you have agreed to our terms. All vials are unlabelled

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2 reviews for 100mg Mel2 (10 Vials)

  1. Sarah

    I’ve been buying tanning injections from Trutan now for last year and am so happy with the results. I have a tan all year around and only use once a week. When I first started using I had many questions and Harvey and his team were always on hand to answer any questions I had regarding them. Thanks again guys for all your help.

  2. David

    I always worry when pins come loose, these are great they come in a sealed rip open wrapper.

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