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How to use Melanotan 2 step by step.

Whether you have just purchased an MT2 kit or are only considering getting it, this guide is a must-read. It covers Melanotan 2 dosage, mixing, storage and injection instructions for your risk-free tanning experience. Always follow this guide to minimise side effects and get that coveted golden look.

Melanotan 2 instructions – Getting ready

The first thing you should do is to unpack your MT2 kit. If you buy it from SureTan, you know it comes with everything you need for subcutaneous injections. Here’s what you should have in front of you for the procedure:

  • one vial of MT2
  • one vial of sterile water
  • one syringe
  • disinfecting swabs

Wash your hands and use the swabs to disinfect the surface of all vials. Make sure everything is within easy reach and proceed to mix your MT2 solution.

How do you mix MT2? VIDEO BELOW

Even if you’re new to Melanotan 2 injections,  it’s very easy to mix the solution. The process involves six steps:

  1. Grab the MT2 vial and remove the yellow cap from it.
  2. Unpack the disposable syringe.
  3. Take off the lid found on the water vial.
  4. Grab the syringe and pierce the needle through the water vial stopper and position it upside down. Pull back the plunger. Once filled with 1ml of sterile water, carefully withdraw the needle from the vial. 
  5. Insert it into the MT2 vial through the centre of its grey cap.  Aim  the needle part of the syringe at the side of the vial and depress the plunger slowly to fill the vial with 1ml of water. Gently remove the syringe once it’s empty (you may wish to add anther 0.25ml of water as some find this cuts down on the initial side effects)*.
  6. To ensure the Melanotan 2 is mixed with water, you can slowly roll the vial between your fingers.  Avoid shaking  your solution.

Once you have followed all Melanotan 2 instructions for mixing put the solution in your fridge MT2. You can store it there for six months, unlike the unmixed substance that you can keep in a cool dry place for a year.

*People with a low tolerance level may wish to either micro dose 0.05ml for the first 3-4 days or add double the amount of water when mixing the solution.

You should never reuse the syringe please replace the cap on the pin and discard sensibly.



How to use Melanotan 2 injections?

If you’re ready to give yourself a tanning shot, make sure you have the mixed MT2 solution, and your syringe and alcohol swabs are at hand. The injection process can also be completed in six steps:

  1. Take the mixed MT2 vial. Pierce the needle through the grey cap centre, like you did when filling the vial with water.
  2. Pull back on the plunger to fill the syringe with 0.1ml (around 10th of a syringe) of the mixed solution and withdraw the needle*.
  3. Locate the shot site in your belly area (a few centimetres away from the navel) and clean it with a swab.
  4. Pinch / nip the fatty tissue to avoid injecting Melanotan 2 into your muscle and hold it.
  5. Insert the needle into the area you hold at a 90-degree angle. Do not withdraw it until you administer the entire 0.1ml of the solution in the syringe.
  6. Use another swab to remove blood at the shot site, if any.

How much Melanotan should I inject?

Avoid going overboard with your tanning injections. Through our experience the ideal Melanotan 2 dosage is 0.1ml of the solution per day to keep side effects to a minimum

*People with a low tolerance level may wish to either micro dose 0.05ml for the first 3-4 days or add double the amount of water when mixing the solution.

After you give yourself four MT2 shots, use a sunbed to activate the solutions. Repeat the injection process everyday with sunbed every other day to get your perfect colour. Then administer one shot per week along with one sunbed session to maintain it.

Please note as per our terms the above is for information purposes only

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